What We Do

The Law Offices of Megan M. Moore represents educational agencies to prevent legal issues from arising, as well as to assist when there is a dispute or potential dispute involving special education and student issues. Megan Moore can assist with complex special education matters, training for teachers and administrators, and developing policies and procedures so your school can operate smoothly. The firm's services include:

  • Providing counsel over the phone or in-person on the client’s day-to-day student services needs.

  • Representing clients through the student discipline process, including ensuring compliance with all student rights’ laws, while also advocating for student and school safety at all levels.  

  • Representing clients at IEP team meetings, early resolution conferences and mediations.

  • Handling administrative due process hearings, state court matters (including Honig Injunctions) and federal court appeals.

  • Preparing pleadings to the Office of Administrative Hearings, as well as responses on behalf of clients to the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) and California Department of Education (CDE).

  • Representing clients during CDE and OCR investigations.

  • Researching and analyzing applicable laws.

  • Staying current on both the law and client issues, as well as monitoring trends.

  • Advising governing boards regarding special education and student issues.

  • Negotiating complex settlement agreements.

  • Assisting clients in developing legally compliant student services policies and procedures, including the review of student/parent handbooks and annual notices.

  • Presenting to administration, teachers, and/or the school community on issues related to  student discipline, special education, and Section 504.