Educating Students after Statewide Stay at Home Order - Updated Resources

There are numerous resources California schools can access for guidance regarding the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). The non-exhaustive list below includes state and federal agencies that are updating information regarding student services, nondiscrimination and special education:

  1. CDE Coronavirus Updates: Includes numerous links, such as the Governor's most recent Executive Order, health and safety information, and educational programming for K-12 schools.

  2. CDE K-12 Guidance: Includes links about distance learning, school meals, and available plans to provide Internet access to families.

  3. OAH Procedures for Hearings & Mediations: Includes links to the most recent OAH orders governing virtual/telephonic mediations and scheduling hearings.

  4. OCR Fact Sheet: includes information regarding student safety, discrimination, and serving students with disabilities in the face of school closure.

Schools are encouraged to consult with their local public health department to address coronavirus (COVID-19) issues arising at or related to the school site, students, parents, or employees. The Law Offices of Megan M. Moore can assist you with legal questions related to student safety, discrimination, and special education. Contact us at:

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